Why Scorpion is the best choice of majority travelers in Tanzania.

Scorpion Tours has been recognized for unmatched professionalism, for quite sometimes now contented individuals, families and large cosmopolitan groups of local and international clients have elevated us to the statues of premier tour operator in Tanzania.

Focused on safaris – We are safari operators who specialize in Tanzania – only Tanzania. Whether you want rough it on a camping safari or enjoy the comfort of an incredible lodge and tented camp safari, our focus is on high quality, professionally guided, active safaris where clients learn first-hand about Tanzania, its people, culture and wildlife

We understand your dream

We understand that a Tanzanian safari for many of our clients is a once in a lifetime adventure. We therefore go to great lengths to plan the smallest details ensuring the highest quality experience for each and every one of our clients.

Complete service

We are able to handle all stages of trip planning – from airline tickets and trip insurance to accommodations.

We offer a number of Daily Departures or if you prefer we would be more than happy to arrange a personalized safari to fit your needs (budget, length of stay, activities) at NO extra cost!

Hands on knowledge

All of our consultants have lived and worked in Tanzania and therefore have hands on experience. We have stayed at the lodges, camps and hotels we recommend in addition to hundreds of others that we don’t! Our consultants return each year to refresh their knowledge.

We work closely with the leading guides who, in many instances, are good friends. We work directly with environmental organizations and actively support their efforts.

Your needs first

Unlike other operators, that have an obligation to recommend certain safaris or accommodations, as an independent safari tour operator, we are able to suggest lodges and camps, tours and safaris that suit your needs.

Sharing the experience of Tanzania

Whether you have traveled to Tanzania before or if you are planning your first trip we want to ensure that your dream safari is just that; a dream!

We want to create an experience you will never forget, a memory you will treasure forever. In describing what we do we like to use the words immersion, balance, understanding and enrichment.

Our goal is to ensure that each client, in his or her own way, discovers not only the beauty of Tanzania but an unexplored part of their soul.

We pay attention

Your wishes and desires are important to us. We make it our priority to listen to your ideas and suggestions when putting together a personalized itinerary for your dream holiday.

We are the experts

We will only recommend products and services we have first-hand knowledge of. Our international travel experts don’t just live and work in Africa but have travelled the continent extensively. We are on-site and ever-present which allows us to keep track of the latest developments which we can subsequently incorporate into our itineraries – even at short notice.

We are right there where you need us

With office in Moshi we are conveniently situated on-site. Our team will meet you to discuss your itinerary and answer any last questions you might have while providing you with up-to-date tips and information. We are here to assist you and if things get serious, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Personalized service and competitive prices

Scorpion is small enough to care and provide you with personalized service but big enough to offer you competitive prices.

We love and live for Africa

Whether we were born here or made Africa our home away from home, we at Scorpion are all united by the love and passion we share for Africa, its animals, landscapes, people and cultures. A love we long to share with you.

We take responsibility

We don’t turn a blind eye to problems faced in Africa, but instead try being part of the solution by coming up with new ideas to combat challenges – every day and in every aspect.

Tailor Made Tours

In addition to the tours on our website, we design tailor-made tours in Tanzania to suit your requirements and budget. Contact one of our experienced consultants.

Start planning your unforgettable Tanzanian safari today.

See you in Tanzania!